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NATBLASTER Data Structures

Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
bday_helperStructure to hold information about a bday flood
bday_peerStruture to hold information pertaining to the birthday paradox
buddy_infoStructure with all the buddy connection information
buddy_syn_seq_numStructure to hold the sequence number from a SYN packet
comm_msg_bday_success_portStructure to hold the COMM_MSG_BDAY_SUCCESS_PORT payload
comm_msg_buddy_allocStructure to hold payload for a COMM_MSG_BUDDY_ALLOC message
comm_msg_buddy_infoStructure to hold payload for a COMM_MSG_BUDDY_INFO message
comm_msg_buddy_syn_seqStructure to hold payload for a COMM_MSG_SYN_TO_BUDDY_SEQ message
comm_msg_goodbyeStructure to hold the COMM_MSG_GOODBYE payload
comm_msg_helloStructure for a COMM_MSG_HELLO message payload
comm_msg_peer_syn_seqStructure to hold the COMM_MSG_PEER_SYN_SEQ payload
comm_msg_pred_portStructure to hold payload for a COMM_MSG_PORT_PRED message
comm_msg_syn_ack_flood_seq_numStructure to hold the COMM_MSG_SYN_ACK_FLOOD_SEQ_NUM payload
comm_msg_syn_floodedStructure to hold the COMM_MSG_SYN_FLOODED payload
connlistStructure for the connlist_t type
connlist_itemStructure for a single connection node
direct_conn_connect_argStructure to hold argument to started direct connection thread
helper_connStructure with helper connection info
helper_conn_infoStructure with all the connection information
helper_fsm_thread_argStructure to hold data passed into a helper_fsm thread
helper_infoStructure with all the helper connection informatino
helper_sock_descStructure with all socket descriptors
listStructure to contain list information
list_nodeStructure that is a single list node
observed_dataStructure to hold observed connection data
peer_conn_infoStructure with all the connection information
peer_infoStructure with all the peer connection information
peer_sock_descStructure with all socket descriptors
port_allocStructure to contain the port allocation method, and a flag indicating when it is set
tcp_packet_infoStructure to hold essential information about a tcp packet

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