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Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
berkeleyapi.h [code]Includes all berkeley api headers
comm.h [code]Data structures and messages used in communication between a peer and the helper
connlist.c [code]Functions to help search and maintain the connection list. These functions are thread-safe
connlist.h [code]Prototypes for connection list functions
debug.h [code]Debug macros, stolen from andrew and tweaked
def.h [code]Handful of useful generic defintions
directconn.c [code]Functions to help in attempt to make direct connection
directconn.h [code]Functions to help in attempt to make direct connection
directconn_private.h [code]Prototypes for private direct connection functions
errorcodes.h [code]Some basic general purpose error codes Autogenerated by on Tue Mar 29 15:16:11 2005
flag.h [code]Flag type values. These are simple values that didn't seem to fit into any other header
helper.c [code]Stub demo helper server
helpercon.c [code]Defintions for functions to help with a peer connection
helpercon.h [code]Prototypes for functions for a peer connection from a helper
helperdef.h [code]Definitions for helper-specific data
helperfsm.c [code]Defintions of fsm-like functions to control helper connection protocol control flow
helperfsm.h [code]Fsm-like functions to control protocol control flow
helperfsm_private.h [code]Prototypes for private helperfsm functions
list.c [code]A basic list implementation (optimized for sequential accesses)
list.h [code]Functions to implement a list
natblaster_helper.c [code]Entrypoint for a helper into natblaster
natblaster_helper.h [code]Prototype for helper natblaster entrypoint
natblaster_peer.c [code]Natblaster entrypoint for peer
natblaster_peer.h [code]Peer's entrypoint into natblaster
nethelp.c [code]Helpful basic network functions
nethelp.h [code]Prototypes for basic helpful network functions
netio.c [code]Functions to read and write to sockets specific to the messages that should be sent for the communication protocol
netio.h [code]Functions to do read/write from/to a socket
netio_private.h [code]Private functions to help with communication protocol IO
peer.c [code]Stub program to test the natblaster peer functionality
peercon.c [code]Functions to assist the peer in making a direct connection
peercon.h [code]Functions to help the peer make a direct connection
peerdef.h [code]Definitions for peer-specific data
peerfsm.c [code]Defintions of fsm-like functions to control peer connection protocol control flow
peerfsm.h [code]Fsm-like functions to control protocol control flow
peerfsm_private.h [code]Prototypes for private peerfsm functions
sniff.c [code]Functions to aid in sniffing packets off the wire
sniff.h [code]Prototypes for functions that aid in sniffing packets
sniff_private.h [code]Prototypes for private sniffing functions
spoof.c [code]Functions to spoof/forge network packets
spoof.h [code]Functions to spoof/forge tcp/ip packets
spoof_private.h [code]Private functions to spoof/forge network packets
util.c [code]Useful utility functions
util.h [code]Useful utility functions

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